Bay & Carrick Entry List

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Regatta Class Name Boat Name Design class Sail Number Entry
Ajax Hereward Tresidder Redoutable Ajax 32
Ajax Mike Grice Polyphemus Ajax 40
Ajax Richard Townshend ACHILLES Ajax 48
Ajax Ian Woods Artemis Ajax 21
Ajax Rob Mathewson MaryB Ajax 42
Ajax Andy Chapman Vim Ajax 46
Ajax Anthony Armitage Hermes Ajax 70 N23
Ajax Richard Bown PINTAIL Ajax 36
Ajax Mike Black Amalthea Ajax 66
Falmouth Working Boat - B Ollie Gaffy Endeavour N/A 6
Falmouth Working Boat - B Arthur Williams Winnie Falmouth Working Boat 10
Falmouth Working Boat - B John Andrew Demelza Falmouth Working Boat 23
Falmouth Working Boat - B Kevin Andrew Helen Mary Falmouth Working Boat 11
Falmouth Working Boat - B Stephen Hills Grace Falmouth Working Boat 54
Falmouth Working Boat - B Chris De Glanville Rebecca Falmouth Working Boat 24
Falmouth Working Boat - B Sam Heard Abigail Rose Heard 28 32
Falmouth Working Boat - B Tim Pearce Cousin Jinny Large Working Boat 56
Falmouth Working Boat - B Roseland Working Boat Syndicate Evelyn Large Working Boat 15
Falmouth Working Boat - B Simon Wisker Florence Large Working Boat 31
Falmouth Working Boat - B Brian Chenoweth Mabel Large Working Boat 41
Falmouth Working Boat - B John Peters RITA Large Working Boat 18
Falmouth Working Boat - C Philip Slater Lottie Small Working Boat 28
Flying Fifteen Nick Woodley Tim Julian The FF Word Flying Fifteen 3703
Flying Fifteen Simon Kneller Really Flying Flying Fifteen FF 4024
Flying Fifteen Abi Rickard Wild Affair Flying Fifteen 3421
Flying Fifteen Chris Hunt Comffortably Numb Flying Fifteen GBR 3597
Falmouth Gaffer LOD 23ft and under Mike Maguire Dragon Fly N/A Z8
Falmouth Gaffer LOD 23ft and under Mike Rangecroft Miss Agnes Gaff Rigged Day Boat. Sloop 1
Falmouth Gaffer LOD 23ft and under David Brunyee Arlette Gaffer 16
Falmouth Gaffer LOD 23ft and under Jon Brunyee Emily Alice Heard 18 58
Falmouth Gaffer LOD 23ft and under Nick Bradley CHARM Mevagissey tosher, Frazier 4
Falmouth Gaffer LOD 23ft and under Lionel Hoare Mizpah Seaview Mermaid, 1909 GU Laws design 8
Falmouth Gaffer LOD 23ft and under Sue Grigg Katy Tosher 67
Falmouth Gaffer LOD 23ft and under Alan Perham Clementine Tosher 49
Falmouth Gaffer LOD 23ft and under David Spargo Jean Genie Tosher 18 13
Falmouth Gaffer LOD 23ft and under Andy Platt Scallywag Z class Z 7
Handicap Dayboats Howard Paterson Integrity Dragon GBR 823
Handicap Dayboats Alan Dale SNAP Dragon D 292
Handicap Dayboats Mike Conlin Wild Goose International One Design GBR 14
Handicap Dayboats John Bingham Curlew Piper OD 10
Handicap Dayboats Nicholas Gore Ruadh Piper OD 57
Handicap Dayboats Bob Edwards Kelpie Piper OD 36
Handicap Dayboats John Hindmarsh Ailsa Piper OD 48
Handicap Dayboats Charles Taylor Piccolino Piper OD 56
Handicap Dayboats John Todd Mistress Rustler 24 43
Handicap Dayboats Roger Best Caryn Rustler 24 6
Handicap Dayboats Glenn Torpy Timpani Rustler 24 21
Handicap Dayboats Simon Unwin Mimosa Squib 695
Handicap Dayboats William McGrath Longshot Squib 781
Handicap Cabin Boats Graham Dyer la Clare 2 Etap 23 387
Handicap Cabin Boats Rich Brown TATTARAT Nordic Folkboat F GBR 758
Handicap Cabin Boats Michael Robson Lottie Nordic Folkboat F Gbr 675
Handicap Cabin Boats David Mitchell Aries Nordic Folkboat 737
Shrimper Philip Swatman ALCINA Shrimper 19 976
Shrimper Julian Dingle ESCARGOT Shrimper 19 320
Shrimper Brian Phipps Ysella Shrimper 19 298
Shrimper Andy Noble Moondance Shrimper 19 816
Shrimper Richard Lewis Pelican Shrimper 19 102
Shrimper Caroline Smith Guilan Dhiu Shrimper 19 334
St Mawes OD Chris Cooper Avocet SMOD 40
St Mawes OD Ian Lamond Choochky SMOD 33
St Mawes OD Guy Ashton Kittiwake SMOD 34
St Mawes OD Toby Stubbs Thunderfly SMOD 45
St Mawes OD Alexander Hoare Merlin SMOD 11
St Mawes OD Helen Billington Helena SMOD 43
Sunbeam Nick Leach Polly Sunbeam V18
Sunbeam John Fox Pixy Sunbeam V7
Sunbeam David Liddington Clary Sunbeam 8
Sunbeam David & Emma Mantle Whimsey Sunbeam V5
Sunbeam Nigel Glanville Ivy Sunbeam v3
Sunbeam Andy Stevenson Mayfly Sunbeam V15
Sunbeam Roger Graffy Milly Sunbeam V45
Sunbeam Paul Pullen Pintail Sunbeam V35
Dinghy, standard Ian McLean Essex Girl Albacore 7915
Dinghy, single-handed John Calvert - Aero 7 2517
Dinghy, single-handed Pete Barlow 51st shade Blaze 811
Dinghy, single-handed Bob Yates Phizzwhizzer Blaze 796
Dinghy, single-handed David Entwistle Splash Blaze 781
Dinghy, single-handed Angela Pook Finesse Europe 360
Dinghy, single-handed Patrick Clarke Titania RS Aero 7 (or 5 TBC) 2463
Dinghy, single-handed Graeme Henderson None RS Aero 7m 2554
Dinghy, single-handed Nick Marden Shaded Grey Solo 5715
Dinghy, single-handed Paul Taylor Tara Solution 439
Dinghy, helm under 18 Matt Shaw n/a Aero 7 1168
Dinghy, helm under 18 Kathy Berryman Laser Laser 1 181336